IPL or Indian Premier League is not just the name of a cricket tournament rather it is one of the craziest events happens every year in India. IPL is associated with the T20 format of cricket and that is probably the ultimate reason behind its popularity.

Why IPL Fantasy League:

IPL fantasy league gives cricket fans the chance of becoming an active participant,Why IPL is the Best League to Play Fantasy Cricket - FanFight Articles allowing them to execute their skills and knowledge about cricket and moreover, win some real cash daily during the IPL season.

Biggest League:

There is no doubt that IPL is one amongst the biggest T20 leagues in the world and big personalities such as movie stars and famous businessmen want to associate themselves with this tournament. This is unfortunate that not everyone can be a real-life IPL player, but they can still be a part of this league, thanks to the fantasy IPL league.


Selecting players is the most convenient part of the IPL fantasy league, as you have the freedom to choose any of your favorite players, no matter which country they belong to.

Rules of selection:

When for the first time you sign up with an IPL fantasy league website or app, you get 100 credits. You have the freedom to expend that credit in order to create your virtual fantasy team, comprising 11 players as the rule says.

You can include in your Team:

  • Wicket keepers- Minimum one and maximum two
  • Batsmen- Minimum three and a maximum of five
  • All-rounder- Minimum one and maximum of three
  • Bowlers- Minimum three and a maximum of five
  • Uncapped Indian players- Minimum one
  • Overseas players- Maximum four

Remember that participants are allowed 광주 첨단 오피 to pick a maximum of seven players from one particular IPL team and you can’t exceed that limit. Moreover, as a user you have the opportunity for free trades, maximum five times and before the deadline of every round. Each additional trade will cost 10 points.

Winning Amount:

As we have mentioned earlier, IPL is one amongst the biggest T20 leagues in the world, so quite naturally there are lots of chances to win big jackpots and the same applies to the fantasy IPL league as well.

Attractive Point System:

The most interesting part of the IPL fantasy league is its point system. It gives the participants a lot of chances to score big and get a decent ranking. The more you accumulate points, the more chance to be the winner and earn some real cash.


  • One run- 0.5 points
  • One boundary- 0.5 points
  • One six- 1 point
  • Half-century- 4 points
  • Century- 8 points
  • For every duck, 2 points will be deducted


  • One wicket- 10 points
  • Four wickets in one match- 4 bonus points
  • Five wickets in one match- 8 bonus points
  • One maiden over- 4 points


  • One catch- 4 points
  • Stump and run-out- 6 points

A user can nominate the captain as well as the vice-captain for his or her fantasy team before every round. The captain earns double points and the vice-captain earns 1.5 times points. Each player receives two points for their appearance in starting 11.

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